Each material is only as good as the way it is processed.

A combination of the best fibres - from Merino wool to sophisticated technical fibres - is the basic principle behind all NATURAL EVOLUTION products. From socks to outer wear, the best material quality is standard.This has resulted in functional products which - centimetre by centimetre - are pleasant to wear and flexible, guaranteeing the best fit and the best level of comfort.


H2Port, the latest high-performance functional yarn from Natural Evolution clothing, transports moisture to the outer surface twice as fast as conventional fibres. The skin stays dry for longer, ensuring enhanced well-being and comfort during sport. H2Port is extremely hard-wearing and fast-drying. At the same time, this functional yarn reduces the development of sweat odours since H2Port has a bacteriostatic effect. H2Port is anti-allergic and neutral on the skin.


H-DRY is not only a fast drying material, it also ensures a comfortable and dry feeling during sports and everyday life. It is a light and hydrophilic yarn with air chambers and absorbs sweat from the skin and makes every garment comfortable to wear.

Australian Merino fibre

The fine, natural fibres are breathable, easy-care, odour-repellent and non-itchy. They keep you warm when it's cold and cool when it's hot. Merino wool appeals to all the senses. Glossy white, fine and pleasant on the skin; even the scent is unique. Each sheep produces only five kilos of wool per year. The fibre is precious and unique.

Functional knitwear

Natural Evolution sports clothing ensures maximum performance even before you begin your exercise. Each product combines not only the expertise gained over six decades, but also high-tech fibres and reliable functional materials.