A perfect combination of two qualities.

Joined together to make a single fibre: Australian Merino wool and a technical polyamide fibre, achieving the ideal combination of two different qualities. The technical polyamide fibre helps the Merino wool to improve its drying qualities, whilst the Australian Merino wool adds a natural elegance.

Australian Merino wool

The finest wool is produced by Merino sheep. The wool is soft, light and finely crimped, which makes it very supple. NATURAL EVOLUTION uses only the best quality, and processes the wool to create an easy-care, odour-repellent fibre which does not itch. Our Merino wool is naturally glossy white, which means that the chemical bleaching process can be reduced to a minimum. By nature, a top-class and unique template from nature.


Artificial fibres have now begun to surpass their reputation: In recent years, the processing potential of polyamide fibres has improved significantly. They can now be adapted to suit their potential uses. The polyamide used in NATURAL EVOLUTION is non-itchy, light and it dries in record time.