...and we keep on going.

Nature is strict when it comes to selection. Only the truly great can prove itself and evolve. This has resulted in an amazing diversity and valuable raw materials. Yet in recent decades, natural resources and human craftsmanship have no longer proved sufficient. Demands have moved on too fast and manufacturing potential has developed at the same time. And this is a good thing, for the modern human being no longer has to rely on evolution. The survival of the fittest or the "the law of the jungle" has lost its significance.

Our brains outwitted evolution a long time ago:
We are always looking for better protection.
We are always looking for better support.
We are always looking for better ways to use technology.

NATURAL EVOLUTION has continued the story of natural evolution. The results are highly-developed textiles which protect and support the natural functions of the body in a unique way, and not just for sport.

NATURAL EVOLUTION – functional textiles, developed to help relieve strain on the human body.

NATURAL EVOLUTION – Evolution planned ahead for the next millennia, using the best that EVOLUTION gave us: Our brains.